Nova FELIS Rabbit

Raw food specially formulated for cats or ferrets, prepared from finely ground rabbit meat and bones, turkey offal (very rich in taurine) and supplements.

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Ingredients raw, simply chopped, mixed, portioned and immediately frozen to give your favorite carnivore a healthy, all natural food that respects its carnivore nature! The rabbit is a quality meat, much appreciated by cats and ferrets, but very poor in taurine. We have added sufficient turkey hearts as well as New Zealand green mussels (very rich in taurine, omega-3 and glycosaminoglycans) to ensure adequate taurine content for cats and kittens. Sardine oil provides essential omega-3 fatty acids, and spirulina and acerola, two "super-foods" that provide many vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants.

Complete raw food for cats and ferrets of all ages. 100% natural without preservatives, without artificial flavors, without additives. Excellent intake of Taurine thanks to the heart of turkey.

Ingredients : Rabbit 74% (meat and bone), turkey heart 13%, turkey liver 5%, raw zucchini mixed 5%, rabbit heart 2%, sardine oil, rapeseed oil, New Zealand green mold, spirulina , Acerola. Analysis: protein 17.5%, lipid 9.6%, moisture 69%, inorganic matter 3.5%, calcium 0.79%, phosphorus 0.56% Energy value 156kcal / 100g Taurine 97mg / 100g About 15% of bone on the overall recipe.

All our meat is of French origin and comes from animals deemed fit for human consumption.

Recommended Quantity : 3 to 4% of the weight of your cat. Example for a cat of 4kg: 120 to 160g per day, to be distributed over several meals. Once your cat is used to meat, also offer small prey (small quail, chicks) and small fleshy bones (chicken neck)