Some examples of balanced menus:


For a dog of 40 / 45kg: ration of 1kg / day. Menu 1: Ground beef: 300g Back of chicken: 500g Mix vegetables / offal: 200g (Sardine oil and wheat yeast) Menu 2:

eef and offal: 450g

Cases of rabbit: 450 g

Mix vegetables: 100g

(Salmon oil, wheat yeast, kelp)

Menu 3:

Guinea fowl neck: 400g

Turkey meat: 400g

1 turkey heart: 50g

1/2 turkey liver: 50g

Mix vegetables: 5 tablespoons = 100g

(Wheat yeast, kelp, nettle)

Menu 4:

1 turkey neck: 400g

Beef (chopped or pieces): 400g

Green chicken (chopped or pieces): 150g

1/2 rabbit liver: 50g

1 raw egg

(Wheat yeast, kelp, sardine oil)


 Menu 5:

Chicken breasts: 300g Blanquette of turkey: 300g Mix vegetables / offal: 200g Fish (sprats / herring): 200g

You can add 2 to 3 times a week yoghurt or white cheese (1 C to S / 10 kg weight), grated gruyere.