Quality Commitments


"The idea is not to" upgrade waste to make food "but the opposite, starting from the nutritional needs and responding with high-quality ingredients and well-controlled manufacturing processes," c 'Is this idea that our supplier puts forward, they are a SARL, an agri-food company possessing all the equipment and the infrastructures enabling it to prepare the feeding of our dogs and cats respecting all the last norms of hygiene and Food Safety. All products containing meat are processed, packaged and frozen, scrupulously respecting the same standards of hygiene and food safety as for human food (control on reception, control of the cold chain during all the preparations, production sheets Detailed recordings, recording of cleanings, bacteriological controls of batches ...).

This is why meat and preparations are made in specific rooms at controlled temperature.

Analyzes are carried out regularly at an independent laboratory in order to assure their resellers customers of perfectly healthy and irreproachable products.

The emphasis is also on transparency, in fact it is important to know in detail what we feed our companions, so our products benefit from a complete labeling and "honest".

Therefore, there are no ingredients present in the product that are not mentioned on the label and conversely, any ingredients mentioned on the label will be present in the product.

Very high importance is given to the quality of the ingredients. Beyond revenue, it is essential to work with quality raw materials. That is why, over the years, our manufacturer has selected serious suppliers, themselves committed to a quality approach and guaranteeing the quality of their products.

The meat arrives at their premises immediately after cutting at the slaughterhouse, they are packaged and frozen in the stride, in order to guarantee super fresh and healthy products.

All meat and offal come from animals born, raised and processed in FRANCE, Normandy / Brittany / Pays de la Loire region

No imports of foreign meat (except rumen)

Our recipes do not contain:

- no appetite factor, our products are naturally good!

- no additive,

- no coloring,

- no preservative,

- no GMOs.