Nova Felis Turkey Rabbit Duck 1 kg

TOP Nova Felis, less bone, less fat, 3 protein sources of very high quality.

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With a 100% wild anchovy and sardine oil supplement, and dehydrated krill (for omega-3 intake of animal origin) This new recipe contains only 7% bone (Calcium 0.37%, Phosphorus 0.31%), and can be used for cats with a tendency to constipation, cats with old or fragile kidneys. The low fat content (16.9% protein, 6.1% fat) is also ideal for cats with a tendency to overweight. We have added to this recipe a little mixed raw zucchini, for the intake of vegetable fibers, beneficial for digestion and intestinal transit.

Indeed a prey contains about 10% of its weight in digestive content (various plants), so it is not very natural to deprive cats of this small fiber intake.

Complete raw food for cats and ferrets of all ages. 100% natural without preservatives, artificial flavors, additives. Excellent intake of Taurine, bone content adapted to cats and ferrets.

Ingredients: Turkey meat 39% (pure muscle, boneless, without MSM), Rabbit 30% (meat and bone), duck neck 10%, turkey heart 10%, turkey liver 5%, mixed raw zucchini 5% , Anchovy Oil and Sardines 100% wild fish, dehydrated krill. About 7% of bone. Analysis: protein 16.9%, lipids 6.1%, moisture 75%, inorganic matter 1.5%, calcium 0.37%, phosphorus, 0.31%, energy value = 131kcal / 100g Taurine 150mg / 100g

Size of a 1KG tray: 18 x 15 x 5cm. 500g: 15 x 11.5 x 5cm