Nova Felis Pintade / Turkey 1 kg

Nova Felis Pintade / Turkey is a raw food specially formulated for cats or ferrets, prepared from meat and offal of turkey (very rich in taurine) and finely ground meat and bones of guinea fowl.

6,30€ inc. tax

Guinea fowl and turkey are quality meats, much appreciated by cats and ferrets, and rich in taurine. We added a little raw zucchini mixed for the fiber intake, assuming that in nature, a small prey brings a certain amount of vegetable fibers by the contents of its digestive tract. Ascophyllum marine algae provide many vitamins, minerals and trace elements (especially iodine), and dehydrated krill is particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Complete raw food for cats and ferrets of all ages.
100% natural without preservatives, without artificial flavors, without additives.
Excellent intake of Taurine thanks to turkey meats and offal.
Ingredients: guinea fowl 59% (meat and bone), turkey leg 20%, turkey heart 10%, turkey liver 5%, raw zucchini mixed 5%, dehydrated seaweed (ascophyllum), dehydrated krill, rosehip.

Analysis: proteins 18%, lipids 9.7%, moisture 69%, inorganic materials 3.2%, calcium 0.73%, phosphorus 0.5%, energy value = 159kcal / 100g. Taurine 110mg / 100g.
About 15% of bone on the overall recipe.

Dimensions of a 1KG tray: 18 x 15 x 5cm. 500g: 15 x 11.5 x 5cm