CHURPI L (10 à 25 kg)

As a durable, long-lasting chew, Churpi Bars are the perfect healthy entertainment for your dog. Your dog will have to gnaw and soften them patiently in his mouth, consume them little by little, and provide himself with long hours of pleasure and entertainment. Churpi's longevity has proven to be very helpful in entertaining the dog and reducing anxiety in dogs that suffer from it.

15,95€ inc. tax

Shelf life 3 years, a long-lasting treat! 3 sizes according to the weight of the dog to respect! Handmade in HIMALAYA, with boiled yak milk in continuous agitation, addition of lime, the resulting curd is wrapped in a jute cloth and pressed, dried 28 days in the sun it becomes "Extra hard" for the pleasure of our dogs ! POTASIUM regulates the nervous system and prevents fatigue, muscle weakness and cramps. ZINC, promotes development/growth, softens the skin and improves your immune system. BIOTIN, promotes cell growth and digestive metabolism. FOLIC ACID, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. IRON, PHOSPHORUS, MAGNESIUM, MANGANESE AND SODIUM. VITAMINS A, B1, C, D, E and K increase the production of red and white blood cells and improve vi