Rabbit, small pieces 3 kg

Fleshy rabbit bones: mixture of various pieces: ribs, half chest, necks, a few front legs, (very fleshy)

18,15€ inc. tax

Depending on the lots there may be : only ribs, or necks + start of ribs, or a mixture (there are no bags with only front legs)

There may be a little offal : lung, heart, liver, kidney in small quantities.

Ideal for varying the source of fleshy bones for small dogs, cats and ferrets

Chewing on a fleshy bone allows your dog to naturally clean his teeth, prevents the appearance of tartar.

Usage tips : Store at -18 ° C. Thaw in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours, or at room temperature for 4-6 hours.

Storage then for a maximum of 48 hours in the refrigerator (4 ° C) after thawing. Do not refreeze a thawed product!

Bag of a 3kg plate, frozen in a plate about 3cm thick. Bag dimensions: 28.5cm x 35cm x 3cm Origin: Normandy / Pays de la Loire (Rabbits born, raised and slaughtered in France)