Turkey hearts 3 kg, detachable to the unit

Whole, separable! Very rich in taurine (much more than the heart of beef), indispensable in the menus Raw Feeding cats!

12,85€ inc. tax

The heart is a muscular slime. Its content of vitamins and trace elements is closer to red meat than filter offal (kidneys, liver). For this reason the heart can be given partly in offal and partly for muscle meat. You can without worry and without any risk of "overdose" in nutrients to give it up to 15% of the ration. In Anglo-Saxon RAW communities many people use the heart partly in the "muscle meat" ration.

Hearts can be brought to the level of 5 to 7% in raw feed of cats, to bring them the taurine essential to their health.

Bag of 3kg: The hearts are frozen so as to be very easily separable from each other. You can only defrost one heart at a time.

Size of the bag: 28,5cm x 35cm x 3cm

Origin: Normandy (Turkey born, bred and slaughtered in France)