Nova Canis Duck Chicken 500 g and 1 kg

Nova Canis Duck & Chicken is a complete and chopped raw meal, based on chicken and duck, fruits and vegetables, offal and supplements

6,15€ inc. tax


Complete raw food for dogs of any breed and age. 100% natural without preservatives, without artificial flavors, without additives. Without cereals, without potatoes. supplements beneficial to health (sardine oil, brewer's yeast, spirulina, algae and herbs) 15% (carrot, courgette, spinach, broccoli, apple), turkey liver 5%, chicken and turkey heart 10%, yeast beer, sardine oil, marine algae (ascophyllum), spirulina, rosehip, thyme, rosemary. About 17% bone It is a complete diet by alternating meats: we recommend giving 3 different meats every week. (Eg 5 days a week Nova Canis Duck / Chicken, and 2 days Chicken / Rabbit.) Available in trays (with lid) of 500g, 1kg: Choose the size best suited for your dog!

Nutritional Analysis: Protein 13.6%; fat 14.4%; calcium 0.71%; phosphorus 0.45%; fibers 0.45%, inorganic materials 3%; humidity 68% Energy rating 184Kcal / 100g.

Daily quantities recommended adult dog: Recommended daily quantities puppies: