Nova Felis Chicken /Turkey

Raw food specially formulated for cats or ferrets, based on meat and bones of finely ground poultry, offal and supplements

4,10€ inc. tax

This chicken / turkey recipe containing only 8% bone (Calcium 0.41%, Phosphorus 0.38%), allows it to be used for cats with tendency to constipation, cats older or with fragile kidneys. Turkey turkey meat is particularly rich in taurine (much more than the heart of beef!) Makes it possible to largely cover your carnivore's taurine needs.

We have added to this recipe a little raw zucchini mixes, for the contribution of vegetable fibers, beneficial to the digestion and the instesinal transit. Indeed a prey contains about 10% of its weight in digestive content (various vegetables), so it is not very natural to deprive cats of this small fiber intake. Brewer's yeast is rich in B-group vitamins, is highly appreciated by cats, as is dehydrated krill, which also provides easily absorbable omega-3 fatty acids.

Complete raw food for cats and ferrets of all ages.
100% natural without preservatives, without artificial flavors, without additives.
Excellent intake of Taurine, bone content suitable for cats and ferrets.
Ingredients: Chicken 57% (meat and bone), Turkey turkey leg (without bone) 22%, turkey heart 10%, turkey liver 5%, raw zucchini mixed 5%, brewer's yeast, dehydrated krill.
About 8% bone.

Analysis 17.8% protein, lipid 10.4%, moisture 69%, inorganic materials 2.0%, calcium 0.41%, phosphorus, 0.38%, energy value = 166kcal / 100g Taurine 123mg / 100g

Dimensions of a 1KG tray: 18 x 15 x 5cm. 400g: 15 x 11.5 x 5cm