Sardines & Anchovies oil in 1/2 liter

100% natural (no solvent extraction), from Anchovy and wild sardines.

24,50€ inc. tax

Very rich in omega-3 DHA and EPA. It is 100% natural, filtered and purified by physical processes to be perfectly fluid and clear and without any chemical additives (only natural vitamin E as a preservative) An exceptional human pharmaceutical grade oil for the most demanding!

Anchovy and sardine are small fish from the beginning of the food chain, which allows them to be very little exposed to heavy-metal type contamination, unlike larger fish such as salmonids, mackerel etc.

Store for 2 months after opening at room temperature or 4 months in the refrigerator.

They love it!


Composition in fatty acids:
EPA> 18%
DHA> 12%
Omega-3 totals> 35%

Natural vitamin E: 1000 ppm

Usage tips:

1 to 2.5 mL per 10 kg, per day.

No overdose possible, just a calorie intake and more.